AMSUN: Founded on the principle of exceptional and timely fulfillment of every sunglass order.

Located in beautiful San Diego, California, the hub for eyewear production in the U.S., AmSun has developed its sun wear manufacturing business with innovation, passion, and plenty of ambition. We are a collaborative team of expert sunglass and prescription eyewear producers with over 30 years of experience. As a hands-on private company, we can help you with just about any eyewear need you may have in the U.S.

We offer a full range of services, from lens design and model creation, to complete lens production including our legendary lens edging program. We can provide prescription lens edging for your sunglass frames as well as plano lens edging. We are equipped to receive frames from any supplier worldwide – Italy, China, Japan or wherever your sunglass product may be produced – and complete the job with our best quality edging.

Our facility delivers high volume production using three Mei Lens Edging machines capable of edging 4,000 pairs per day or more.

Please call us to discuss your sun wear and other eyewear needs in the U.S. We are here to help you get your business off the ground and deliver outstanding lens products.



Our mission is to be the one-stop shop for all of your eyewear needs. We strive to help eyewear businesses worldwide develop quality lens products using U.S. resources when possible.

Our business goals are to offer the best services at the most reasonable cost, with no minimums on sun lens edging; and to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial and profitable to both parties.

We feel that trust and value are the two most critical ingredients in any relationship, and we value you as a customer.

We love the Made In America brand and hope you do too.



Sunglass lens blanks can be edged with remarkable precision using our state-of-the-art Mei Lens Edging equipment.

We use 3D drawings, DXF files and other formats to provide edged lenses of the highest quality. Our well-trained team of specialists is ready to take on your jobs. Please contact our sales department for an estimate.

AmSun offers full sunglass assembly – from inserting a fresh-cut edged lens into a frame, to attaching hinge screws and rivets.

Please let us know what you need to complete your unique sunglass product.

The AmSun in-house sunglass frame and lens design capability enables us to convert your product concept to 3D drawings and then to an SLA printed model.

Our in-house 3D printer then generates a sample of your new design within 24 hours of approval.

AmSun is the order fulfillment specialist for eyewear companies – from start-ups and e-commerce, to retail brands.

Our full kitting service includes expert presentation and rapid turnaround of standard, rush and custom jobs. AmSun will store your eyewear components onsite; edge, mount (glaze), clean and inspect each order; and professionally package completed jobs with your personal touch. Orders are shipped direct to your warehouse or customer.


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